About us

Welcome to ME US!

ME-US focuses on creating a fashion boutique experience for both moms and daugthers.

We are a Columbus,Ohio based, on-line tween apparel retailer led by executives that made Limited Too and Justice so successful in the tween space.

ME US begins with you and your daughter...both of you in the ‘tween’ of your lives. Everyday is a kaleidoscope of experiences, all senses are in overdrive and there is No speed limit. ME US, like the tween girls the fashion brand is created for, represents a rite of passage where nothing is static.

This is a time for recognizing and wrestling with all the realities of ME while knowing that ME is more than what’s inside or visible in the mirror. We here at ME US want to give you the freedom to create the way you show up… both as a strongly defined individual and a contributing member of the community of US.

ME US offers a fresh inventive collection of clothing for tween girls unlike anyone else through which they can explore and express their inner selves in the outer world.

For us it is simple: Outward presentation is an expression of the inner self. Our mission is not to dress you but to give you fashion choices for you to put together to create your own expression of YOU.

Our clothes are made for you to fashion yourself.

 Try US on!